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What is an email campaign?

An email campaign is a specific email message – a promotional email, newsletter, announcement, press release, holiday greeting or another type of message sent on a date you select to a list of recipients you select.

What is permission-based marketing?

Permission-based marketing is marketing to people who have asked to receive information from you. There are two kinds of permission – implicit and explicit. Explicit permission is the type where the individual opt-ins or specifically requests to receive information from you. Implicit permission is the type of permission that is obtained from a customer or […]

Why email marketing?

With the growth of the Internet, email is turning out to be the perfect permission-based marketing media. Email’s advantages are: Many join an Internet provider primarily to obtain email People enjoy reading their email Email messages are free. There is no postage, printing, or advertising space costs You can use email to: Court potential customers […]

What is email marketing?

It is simply marketing communications sent via email to a permission-based list of customers or prospects, Your emails may include promotional emails, newsletters, announcements, press releases, holiday greetings and more. You may send your marketing messages to your own permission-based list of customers and prospects, sometimes called your “in-house list.”

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