GOemail offers a turnkey email communications program. We handle everything from start to finish. We provide the technology and knowledge to professionally implement and manage a successful email marketing program for your organization.

  • Getting started
    • Needs analysis, set objectives and goals
    • Implement email database building strategy
    • Determine communication frequency
    • Write, design and deliver email campaigns
  • Account setup services
    • Website signup tags
    • Subscriber signup form
    • Interest categories
    • Welcome eletter
    • Forward email form
  • Post campaign reports, analysis and strategic consultation
    • Open ratios
    • Click-through ratios
    • New subscriber notification
    • Bounce and unsubscribe notification
    • Database import / export management
    • Bounce and unsubscribe management
    • Develop new email campaigns

Implementing a successful email marketing program requires specialized technical knowledge and marketing skills. GOemail has the system down. We make it easy for you to implement a winning email communications program.

Find out more by contacting us on our web form or call us at 503.522.4239. THERE you GO…email.

Paul at GOemail has been great to work with. I have had great result’s staying connected with past, present and future client’s…It’s a great resource!

Just wanted to let you know that I got an OUTSTANDING response to the 1st issue of my newsletters! I’ve been mailing out a high-end magazine to my previous clients for 3 yrs and have heard practically no feedback from these mailings. Yesterday, 5 of my clients contacted me and one of them posted the newsletter on her Face book page telling her “friends” that she thought my featured listing was beautiful. Another past client called me just to say hello.

I’m so glad I signed up for this. At first I thought it was going to be a waste of money but the instant results are truly amazing

Paul at GOemail takes all the guess work out of staying in contact with company clients through his monthly newsletters. My company consistently receives repeat business because of our monthly newsletters that come from Paul at GOemail.

We started using Paul’s e-mail newsletter over 1 year ago. We have been extremely happy with his attention to detail, service and business practices. I would highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to keep in touch with their clients on a monthly basis.

What is an email campaign?

An email campaign is a specific email message – a promotional email, newsletter, announcement, press release, holiday greeting or another type of message sent on a date you select to a list of recipients you select.

What is permission-based marketing?

Permission-based marketing is marketing to people who have asked to receive information from you. There are two kinds of permission – implicit and explicit. Explicit permission is the type where the individual opt-ins or specifically requests to receive information from you. Implicit permission is the type of permission that is obtained from a customer or […]

Why email marketing?

With the growth of the Internet, email is turning out to be the perfect permission-based marketing media. Email’s advantages are: Many join an Internet provider primarily to obtain email People enjoy reading their email Email messages are free. There is no postage, printing, or advertising space costs You can use email to: Court potential customers […]

What is email marketing?

It is simply marketing communications sent via email to a permission-based list of customers or prospects, Your emails may include promotional emails, newsletters, announcements, press releases, holiday greetings and more. You may send your marketing messages to your own permission-based list of customers and prospects, sometimes called your “in-house list.”

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