Nash Barinaga

Paul at GOemail has been great to work with. I have had great result’s staying connected with past, present and future client’s…It’s a great resource!

Andy Perry

I feel I got a great response and great feedback after my database received that first email. I am really glad to be doing this and now I’m thinking; why didn’t I do this sooner!”

Jill Gregory

We started using Paul’s e-mail newsletter over 1 year ago. We have been extremely happy with his attention to detail, service and business practices. I would highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to keep in touch with their clients on a monthly basis.

Robert Reid

Paul at GOemail takes all the guess work out of staying in contact with company clients through his monthly newsletters. My company consistently receives repeat business because of our monthly newsletters that come from Paul at GOemail.

Phyllis Ghazi

Just wanted to let you know that I got an OUTSTANDING response to the 1st issue of my newsletters! I’ve been mailing out a high-end magazine to my previous clients for 3 yrs and have heard practically no feedback from these mailings. Yesterday, 5 of my clients contacted me and one of them posted the […]

Leslie Baisley

Hello, Paul. In less than 24 hours from the newsletter mailing, 11 folks have taken time out of their busy day to write to let me know they enjoyed reading the newsletter, and are looking forward to next month’s mailing. I wanted to pass this good news on to you. Thank you so much for […]

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